Bible Heroes Youth Camp

Camper Registration Form

This consent and application form should be completed and submitted using the button at the bottom of the page. This will send the form details to Pastor Mark Joy.

To receive early bird discount, please have form completed & returned, along with payment by December 22nd, 2017.

There are limited spots, so to avoid disappointment register early.


Emergency Contact Details

Only complete the address details if you answered NO to the previous question.

Please indicate any allergies, dietary requirements, disabilities, medical treatments and medicine information for the Camp Director & Counsellors

Camper’s Statement

Having read the camp rules, I promise to obey them and cheerfully follow any instructions or duties given by the camp director or counsellors to the best of my ability.  It is my desire to see that this camp is a harmonious and happy one, and I will co-operate to my fullest to achieve this.

Parent/Guardian’s Statement

I am in full agreement with this application being made, and accept all responsibility for the above camper’s behaviour and actions, and that some activities may be hazardous and that the camper participates at his/her own risk.  I authorize the camp director (and/or his assistants) when they deem necessary to administer any medical treatment, or obtain services of a doctor or hospital in the case of sickness or injury to the camper.  I will not hold them obligated in any way, and agree to pay all medical expenses incurred.  Furthermore, I have fully advised the camp director of any recent illness, limitations, disabilities, allergies and/or medication that may affect the above camper during his or her stay at the camp, by setting them out in writing on this form.